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With over 30 years’ experience, Evalife Aquarium works hard to ensure that all our products are of the highest standard, which has made us Frankston’s preferred pet fish store. Our expert team are all keen fish enthusiasts who can provide advice and help on your fish keeping. Visit us today!

The Importance of Aquarium Plants and Decorations

It is important to ensure that you are creating an environment that will help your fish remain healthy and be happy. One of the key ways you can do this is by the addition of aquatic plants and aquatic decorations. Here at Evalife Aquarium, we carry a wide range of products that will promote well-being in your fish and also add to the fun of aquarium keeping! 

Using real aquatic plants in your aquarium has many benefits. It can provide oxygen, filter out chemicals and provide an alternative food source for your fish. Our range of aquatic plants includes loose bunched, potted and plants on wood. Aquatic decorations are an excellent way to provide cover and protection for your fish in order to reduce their stress and give them a place to sleep. Rocks, logs, shells and decorative pieces all make great aquatic decorations. Check out our stock today!

Supplies that add fun to fish keeping

Aquarium Supplies Frankston

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Choosing the Right Food for Your Fish

A new fish keeper is faced with a wide variety of foods in the average tropical fish retail establishment. On average, you will find 10 to 20 formulas and brands of flake foods, another dozen or so granular foods, a variety of pellet foods and a freezer full of frozen foods, all marketed for feeding your fish.

An important point to note is that protein is the essential nutrient in the fish diet. However, like all good things; too much, too little, or the wrong type of protein can cause problems. The ingredients of your fish food are listed in order of the greatest quantity first. Select a food that has the first few ingredients listed as fish meal, shrimp, and other seafood on the label. Fish don't need much carbohydrate in their diet, so avoid foods with many grains, or grains listed as the first ingredients.

If this is sounding overwhelming to you, don’t worry. The expert staff at Evalife Aquarium are always available to steer you down the right path.

Making sure your fish are well fed

Aquarium Supplies Mornington

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