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If you’re looking for an aquarium shop that can serve all your aquatic needs, visit Evalife Aquarium today and discover Frankston’s leading aquarium shop. We offer everything aquatic from goldfish to tropical fish, as well as designer fish tanks and accessories. Call now for details!

Improving Lives of Fish Lovers.

Fish and Plants

Evalife Aquarium has a wide range of unique fish species, such as African and American Cichlids, that will be perfect for your home or office aquarium. No matter your set up, we have the perfect fish available across freshwater and tropical ranges.

We also stock everything you could possibly need to keep your aquatic friends happy and healthy. Our extensive range of tropical and freshwater plants means you can create the aquascape of your dreams! Call us now for expert, friendly advice.

A wide range of unique fish species

African Cichlids Frankston Mornington Peninsula Melbourne

The Best Fish Tank Supplier in Frankston

As a dedicated aquarium shop in Frankston, Evalife Aquarium is here to help our customers enjoy their aquariums and fish and to ensure their fish are happy and healthy.

Our work is not merely our job; it is our passion. If you ever need help finding fish or setting an aquarium tanks for your Melbourne home or workplace, we have you covered.

Along with our extensive range of standard tanks on the floor, we also stock a great range of well known brands including Petworx, Aqua One and Fluval. Can't find the size you're after? We’re happy to custom build aquariums to your requirements. Call now to learn more!

Our work is not merely our job; it is our passion.

The Best Fish Tank Supplier in Frankston

Looking for the best aquatic products in Frankston?

Why Choose Us?

01 Expert Advice

We’ve been in the business for more than 30 years.

02 Wide Range of Fish

We have it all: freshwater, tropical community and cichlids.

03 Custom Fish Tanks

If you can’t find the size you need, we can make it for you.

04 Affordable Prices

We provide incredible value for money on all products.

Need a fin?

If you are looking for help with any aquarium or fish needs you may have, give Evalife Aquarium a call today.
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